Wednesday, 30 March 2011

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The Viaduct Bards - Poetry in Motion

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From Rag to Riches

The Viaduct Bards - Poetry in Motion

From Rag to Riches - A Story of Abu Dhabi by Mohammed Al-Fahim was written in 1995 and follows the transformation of Abu Dhabi from a Bedouin society into a booming economy in 30 years.  In 1960 Abu Dhabi was an impoverished community without electricity, roads, medical care or education.  It is essential reading for anyone wanting to live and work in Abu Dhabi, providing an insight into the Emirati culture and their unique relationship with the expat community which make up 80% of the population in Abu Dhabi.  The final chapter Beyond Our Dreams looks towards the future and 15 years later I live in this city which was full of hope, faith and perseverance back in 1995.  Today its a city that realises the importance of moving away from its dependence on oil and diversifying into new markets.  Now tourism, the environment, culture, arts and the financial sector are the buzz words in this fast moving city.  And yet it still retains its old charm with the old quarters of the city pulsating with life while the cranes are dotted along every street corner.  I welcome the challenge of getting to know this city over the next few years.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Kill Your Television Launch in Dublin

The Viaduct Bards - Poetry in Motion

Tom Mathews, Cartoonist & Poet introducing Emer at the launch of Kill Your Television in Grogans Pub - September 2010.


The Viaduct Bards - Poetry in Motion


Rhododendron petals gives way
to the meandering bog,
pink blossoms whispering
a wild bloom in the wooded grove.

Drifting towards the sea
curious coves slowly
reveal their secrets to me,
shrouded by cliffs and amethyst
I am surrounded by a trickling of waves
intruding on my seclusion
and releasing a mottled force within me.

Basking sharks lingering idly in the bay
with multi-coloured pebbles and fractured shells
dotted along the shore, children delight
in these hidden treasures as I once did.

Deserted lives invisible on Slievemore
with empty stone dwellings retracing
the dead secrets of a lost generation,
moulded in word and colour
brisk clouds and misty rain descends,
inspiring the muse.

This poem appeared in Kill Your Television - a collection of 60 poems by Emer Davis published in 2010 and launched in Achill Island in October 2010.  It is available on createspace.com, amazon.com, in Easons in Drogheda, BooksUpstairs & Sweny's Pharmacy in Dublin, various outlets on Achill Island and in the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life, Castlebar.  

This is where I spent my youth and it has provided me with a kaleidescope of images over the years. No matter what part of the world I have been in, when I look out a window I can conjure up the images of my childhood and see the clear blue waters rippling across the shore, unlocking a stream of words.     

The Viaduct Bards - Poetry in Motion
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