Monday, 28 March 2011


The Viaduct Bards - Poetry in Motion


Rhododendron petals gives way
to the meandering bog,
pink blossoms whispering
a wild bloom in the wooded grove.

Drifting towards the sea
curious coves slowly
reveal their secrets to me,
shrouded by cliffs and amethyst
I am surrounded by a trickling of waves
intruding on my seclusion
and releasing a mottled force within me.

Basking sharks lingering idly in the bay
with multi-coloured pebbles and fractured shells
dotted along the shore, children delight
in these hidden treasures as I once did.

Deserted lives invisible on Slievemore
with empty stone dwellings retracing
the dead secrets of a lost generation,
moulded in word and colour
brisk clouds and misty rain descends,
inspiring the muse.

This poem appeared in Kill Your Television - a collection of 60 poems by Emer Davis published in 2010 and launched in Achill Island in October 2010.  It is available on createspace.com, amazon.com, in Easons in Drogheda, BooksUpstairs & Sweny's Pharmacy in Dublin, various outlets on Achill Island and in the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life, Castlebar.  

This is where I spent my youth and it has provided me with a kaleidescope of images over the years. No matter what part of the world I have been in, when I look out a window I can conjure up the images of my childhood and see the clear blue waters rippling across the shore, unlocking a stream of words.     

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