Monday, 7 May 2012

Earth Day in Abu Dhabi - Poetry under the moon.

Below is a short poem which celebrates the moon.  Bullsmouth is a small pier on Achill Island, Co Mayo in Ireland.  The pier is used for transporting people on curraghs and small boats to Innisbiggle, the small island off Achill.  With a population of less than 100 people, I saw Innisbiggle in the distance from my kitchen window and watched the sun rise above it in the early morning and the moon appear over it in the evenings.   I remember as a child waiting at the pier as the locals from the island loaded up their stores and groceries for the fortnight onto the boats and  rowed across the sea trying to avoid the current.  I wrote this poem several years ago and it is published in my collection Kill Your Television which was launched in 2010.


Blurred reflections trip across the sea,
shaded streaks and fragmented stars
shimmer in the black horizon,
the moon, bright and cold,
dances to the waves,
grey foam resting on the rocks,
ebbing into night.

A white light flickers
beaming a lone signal
across the bay,
the shadowy moon watches over,
transformed each night,
elusive and fragile,
a startling new reflection
appears each night,
fading across each new horizon.

 This photo of Spiritual Poetess, Bahareh Amidi and myself was taken at the Earth Watch - Poetry Under the Moon in NYU Abu Dhabi City Campus on 22 April 2012.  Hosted by Bahareh, it featured young poets from NYU reciting their own poems of young love with young musicians and a singer song writer celebrating Earth Watch through words and music. It was very refreshing to hear these young voices on a balmy evening in Abu Dhabi, reminding me what it was like to be that young and hopeful for the future.    

The Viaduct Bards - Poetry in Motion

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